Professional Directory?

ADHD Profesional Directory

Every day, for almost 20 years, support-group members, blog readers, and book fans ask Gina this question:

“Can you refer me to a physician or therapist in [town, state, or country] who knows how to help ADHD-affected individuals and couples?”

Especially now, with our new courses coming online — Adult ADHD: Solving the Four Essential Puzzle Pieces — professional help will be in demand.

Our courses do the “heavy lifting”. That is, we provide an extensive psychoeducation and actively engage students in applying lessons to their individual situation.

Many students however, will have lingering issues they cannot solve on their own. For that, they need professionals in all areas of ADHD treatment (.e.g. individual and couple therapy, medication, coaching, professional organizing, and more).

With the International ADHD Professional Directory, we aim to help professionals and clients find each other.

Adult ADHD Professional help

Clinicians Are Frustrated

The public harbors misinformation about ADHD. Might you alienate the client by even mentioning the possibility? How long will it take to get to that point?

What if you could attract potential clients who already embrace the Adult ADHD diagnosis and are eager for evidence-based guidance?

Enter ADHD Success Training’s International ADHD Professional Directory.

By the way, you needn’t take the training to join the directory.

Yet, professionals who complete a course can indicate that in your listing.

You might be:

  • A treating psychiatrist
  • A licensed mental-health therapist or psychologist
  • An ADHD clinic owner or manager
  • A coach, professional organizer, or other professional trained in various aspects of ADHD support

Join here: ADHD Success Training International ADHD Professional Directory