Course 1 – Sneak Peek!

sneak peek course solving your adult ADHD puzzle with Gina Pera

Would you like to “test drive” Course 1 before investing time and money?  Discover more about my approach? That’s reasonable!

For you, I created  a new “sneak peek” mini-course. You can apply this purchase price to Course 1 if you enroll within six months.

This mini-course is the bonus introductory module to Course 1. But all on its own, it’s powerful!

Highlights include:

  1. An overview of two essential concepts covered in-depth in Course 1 — designed to speed your learning curve right now
  2. Six case couples — in their stories, you might see bits of your own story — and see how you can start improving your situation

The sales page covers the steps here, but I’ll repeat it here for your convenience.

In 2.5 hours, 12 videos, and 6 steps, here’s what we’ll cover:

Step 1: Welcome!

Come on in and relax!

You are in good company.

Your predictable ADHD-Related Challenges have explanations—and solutions.

Maybe, despite your best efforts with therapy or medication, you’re not making the progress you’d hoped for.

Perhaps despite your care providers’ best intentions, they might not possess the skills you need to take things to the next level.

This is why self-education is crucial. 

Step 2:  You’re Among Friends — And We Get It!

Virtually eavesdrop at my two longtime discussion groups — one for adults with ADHD and one for the partners.

Knowing that others struggle in similar ways? It’s invaluable. That ball of anxiety (what is wrong here?) melts.

Finally! You’ve cleared the path toward real progress.

Step 3:  The Triple Double Whammy ADHD Roller Coaster

What happens when we misinterpret ADHD symptoms and poor coping attempts—perhaps over many years?  We create unnecessary ups and downs in life—and in relationships. And we keep spinning.

How to slow that roller coaster and create a more joyful ride? How to know what are symptoms (which respond to medication) and what are poor coping responses (which don’t)?

Find more accurate interpretations. Revise coping responses through the lens of ADHD.

Step 4: Meet Six Case Couples

Sometimes we best understand our own situation by observing that of others. Then we can apply lessons learned to ourselves.

Each  case couple tangles with different types of common ADHD-related challenges. As you learn their stories, use the Action Steps guide to:

1. Check common points that resonate for you.

2. Consider the question: “Can this relationship be saved?”  If yes, note how these couples might best help themselves.  (I’ll share my opinion, too!)

3. Follow the Action prompts to relate your own story. Then think about where you want to go from here.

Step 5: The Dysfunctional Interaction Cycle

We continue to nurture optimism that we can “Solve our Adult ADHD puzzle.”

We use a solid but simple model for making sense of your confusing day-to-day conflicts—and start moving that cycle in a more positive direction.

This CBT-for-ADHD model lies at the heart of Adult ADHD-Focused Couples Therapy™.   It’s  the proven standard for individuals with ADHD, too!

I look forward to learning with you and hearing about your progress!
Gina Pera