Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle, Course 1 Premium (includes 6 group Zoom meetings)

Hello and Welcome!

I’m so glad you found this course: Solving Your Adult ADHD Puzzle.

I call it Course 1, because smaller courses on narrower topics are planned over the next year (e.g. sleep and medication).

But make no mistake! Course 1 is foundational. It covers a lot of ground — but it will go faster than you might think!  It’s all step by step, topic by topic, building gradually.

This is the training I’ve long dreamt of making available to you. (Also: I wish my husband and I had 20 years ago!)

This is what essential therapy looks like for ADHD — whether you are just thinking about an evaluation or are already diagnosed.  (Even long after being diagnosed.) For individuals and/or couples.

I look forward to celebrating your progress with you!

Kind regards,

Gina Pera

As a reminder, here are the course features:

  • Streaming videos, available 24-7, within our website
  • Essential topics divided into clear sub-topics, 10-30 min per video​
  • Easily track your progress and scan topics for re-viewing​
  • Action Step Guides, to personalize lessons​
  • Resource folder, expanding upon cited research & concepts​
  • 6 Virtual Q&A group meetings via Zoom. (Meetings take place every other week.)  You can begin any time or wait until you start the course.  The meeting days/times vary each month. This allows me to accommodate students from the UK to. Australia—and the variable schedules of all in between. If you find no times in the first month or two of memberships work for. you, let me know what does work and I’ll do my best to schedule to suit.
  • Access to the Zoom meeting archive
  • Case couples walk you through key concepts and interventions​
  • Access for the life of the course (at least 2-3 years, if not longer; hard to predict long-term future)


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